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Angular Essentials Bundle

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Bundle Description

               This course bundle is designed to efficiently educate students about Angular and assist them in mastering the code. The trainees will be able to grasp the principles from the ground up, as well as learn how to apply them when developing device user interfaces. You’ve come to the right spot whether you’ve been perplexed or confused by skipping from one Angular lesson to the next. The author will lead you on an enjoyable and practical path to master Angular Testing course. The aim of this bundle is to effectively train all on Angular and assist them in mastering the technology. The trainees will be able to grasp the principles from the ground up, as well as learn how to apply them when developing device user interfaces.

Bundle Features

Features of Angular 8

This course primarily focuses on Features of Angular 8, especially the Angular system. This course would use Typescript to build Angular applications. Typescript elements will be applied in the sense of Angular as part of the exercises. In addition to learning how to use Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout for responsive UI architecture, you’ll learn how to use Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout. Various facets of Angular will be addressed to you, including plugins, instructions, and services. You will learn about data binding, Angular router, and how to use it to create single-page applications. You can also learn how to build both template-driven and reactive types. 

Course Duration : 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Angular Web Development:

This course focuses mainly on Angular web development, and in particular the Angular framework. For Angular application creation, this course will use Typescript. As part of the exercises, typescript features will be implemented in the sense of Angular. For responsive UI design, you will also get an introduction to the use of Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout. Various aspects of Angular, including modules, instructions and facilities, will be addressed to you. To build single-page applications, you can learn about data linking, Angular router and its use. You can also learn about creating both forms powered by templates and reactive forms. In the sense of Angular, a fast introduction to react programming.

Course Duration : 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Functional Programming with Java

This course will cover topics and concepts that will enhance your Java knowledge and assist you in writing various Java programs. It will also help you understand how Java programs function internally and how they are implemented. This course is explained in detail. After completing this course, you will be able to comprehend Java programming with ease. As a result, this course goes over each subject in depth and focuses on breaking down topics with clear examples. As a result, it is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn Java programming and does not require any prior programming experience.

Course Duration : 1 Hour

Course Reviews

Mathew Blain
Mathew Blain
Read More
It was a strong introductory course with a description of Angular and the distinctions between them. It covers data binding to objects, changing types, and creating custom models.
John Bradbury
John Bradbury
Read More
The course is easy to learn and very insightful. The tutor took the novice step by step in the course of learning the fundamentals of being a more experienced person. I had no trouble following along, comprehending the ideas, and even having fun when studying.
Richard Brathwaite
Richard Brathwaite
Read More
Eduolc is a fantastic resource for learning. This course was fantastic. Very simple to comprehend. All is explicitly explained in the videos. This course has taught me a lot about Angular JS that I didn't know before. Educate, thank you!
Narayan Nidheesh
Narayan Nidheesh
Read More
It was fantastic at first, but as it progressed to the bonus content, some of the details could have been compressed too far.

Certificate of Completion

Course Certificate Sample

Course Highlights

In this topic we will learn how to install bootstrap which mainly supports the latest and stable release of all the browser and platform. Mobile devices browsers have supported Android and IOS platforms.

In this section we will learn the key parts and the architectural design of angular 8.

In this section we will see the demo shows the integration of yFiles for HTML with TypeScript.

In this topic we will see that your software must be in an executable format before you can execute or debug it. The Compiler can generate the following file types: Software that can be executed. Compiling and linking in one stage results in executable code.

A design pattern used to implement IoC is Dependency Injection (DI). This enables the creation of dependent objects outside a class and provides a class with those objects in various ways.

It is easy to create new data item components from mathematical operations on existing components.

These features are automatically exposed via the global ng “namespace” variable when you import and run your application from angular/core.

A table is an arrangement of data in rows and columns, or in a more complicated structure, perhaps. In correspondence, science, and data analysis, tables are commonly used.

The ng-switch directive allows you, depending on an expression, to hide/show HTML elements. If a match is obtained, the child elements with the ng-switch-when directive will be shown, otherwise the element and its children will be deleted.

The Switch Directive defines an expression to fit. Set the container element for the directive and define the switch for the directive.

You will also learn how to implement string interpolation.

Career Benefits of this Bundle

You will be familiar with client-side Angular framework and also will be able to implement single page applications in Angular.
This Angular Essentials Bundle is a package of all the complete courses for the UI development and web technologies.
There are also several other benefits in the career upon choosing this Angular Js training course such as course completion certificate which can be part of your CV or resume profile and lifetime access for the course content.


This Angular course bundle is appropriate for any UI Engineer, Angular Developer, or Front-End Engineer working on web application creation, as well as any new developers who want to learn and master Web Applications and UI technologies and concepts.

Yes, indeed. Since more than half of the programs or frameworks in the IT industry are focused on online applications, this course will bring value to the learners profile by including verifiable certifications.

Yes, with prior expertise or background in computers or Angular Js or its related UI-based JS frameworks, this can be an easy to clear interviews. This Angular Js training course will help you gain knowledge in this field.

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