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About This Course

Students of this specialization will begin coding right away. This module provides lots of chances for students to write programs and debug their own and others’ programming. This course also teaches students how to build a C++ program, as well as how to set up a programming environment for writing and debugging C++ code. Learners can show their comprehension of coding by drawing on their previous experience. You’re trying to debunk the theory that programming is just for the wealthy. After completing this course, you would be able to use the advanced features of the C++ language. This course will take you from a clear understanding of C++ to advanced features of the language. This course is for you if you want to develop your simple knowledge of C++, learn C++ characteristics, or if you’ve finished my free C++ course for beginners and are looking for the next phase. This course is practical, hands-on, and directed for beginners who want to learn C++. This course aims to teach students how to code C++ as easily and effectively as possible while also offering the latest behind-the-scenes tricks, strategies, and hypotheses. Learners in this specialty will begin coding from the beginning. Any module contains enough opportunities for writing programs and finding mistakes in the learner’s and others’ code.

Skills You Will Master :

  • Installation of IDE – In this section we will learn how to install IDE a software that contains all of the things you need to develop, compile, link, and debug your programs.
  • Constants and Variables – In this topic we will learn two terms Constants and Variables which offer various ways to represent and manipulate data. Constants, as the name suggests, have fixed values. Variables, on the other hand, hold values which can be assigned and changed as the program executes.
  • What is Union? – In this topic we will understand Union which is a particular category of class that can only accommodate one non-static data member at a time.
  • Control Structures – In this section we will see that C++ provides control structures that serve to specify what has to be done by our program, when and under which circumstances.
  • Built in Data Type – Now let’s learn the most basic data types in C++ which are built-in data types. Built-in applies to C++ functions that are pre-defined that can be used directly in a program. The most popular built-in data types are char, int, float, and double.

Learning Objectives

Learn to program with one of the most powerful programming languages that exists today, C++.
Obtain the key concepts of programming that will also apply to other programming languages
Learn Modern C++ rather than an obsolete version of C++ that most other courses teach
Learn C++ features from basic to more advanced such as constants and variables and control structures
Learn C++ using a proven curriculum that covers more material than most C++ university courses

Material Includes

  • 14 on demand videos
  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion


  • No prior coding knowledge is necessary to learn this course. The course is intended for beginners.
  • Any computer with windows or macOS will work.

Target Audience

  • This course is for anyone who is interested in learning a new feature in programming language.
  • Learn this course if you know Javascript and looking for an advanced course.
  • Take this course if you want to learn functions and operators in C++.


14 Lessons1h 25m



Installation of IDE

Creating a New Project

Creating the First Program

Constants and Variables

Types of Data in Variable

Built in Data Type

What is Union

What is Enumerations

Control Structures

IfElse NestedIF

IfElse Program

Logical Operators


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Material Includes

  • 14 on demand videos
  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion

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