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About This Course

Microsoft Excel is, without a doubt, one of the most commonly used programs on the planet. And for good reason. Microsoft Excel is so robust that it can be applied to almost any situation. From recording numbers to measuring astronomical data to launching satellites into space, there’s a lot that goes into it. I’m not making this up. Even  engineers use Microsoft Excel for a variety of calculations, including the study of framed structures. The Vlookup function is used to lookup a value with a reference cell and retrieve the value from a lookup table list. It is a very useful and commonly used excel function. To find the value, we can use a table or a single column. And the whole lookup can be performed in a vertical region or using just columns. VLOOKUP operates in a very unique manner. The parameters used in VLOOKUP are initially perplexing. With basic explanations and data sets, this course will help you understand the formula as well as the parameters. This course is a detailed look at Excel’s lookup features, including (but not limited to) the ever-popular VLOOKUP, my personal preference, INDEX-MATCH, and the new XLOOKUP feature. It will not only provide you with a sound base in lookup functions, but it will also push you to think about and develop nested and two-dimensional lookup functions, which will greatly expand your Excel capabilities. You’ll be able to use lookup functions comfortably, conduct two-dimensional lookups, build nested lookup functions, use data validation in your lookup projects, and fix common errors by the end of this course, among other things.

Skills You Will Master: 

  • Creating Values – In this section we will see how to create values and the value you’re looking for and the range in which you’re looking for it; The number of the column that contains the return value within your given range.
  • Combining Multiple Tables – In this section we will see how to combine multiple tables using VLOOKUP function to retrieve data from one table to the other.
  • Common Problems – In this section we will see the common problems or error we encounter while applying VLOOKUP function.
  • How to Check Formulas? – In this topic we will learn to check VLOOKUP formulas in any common scenarios.

Learning Objectives

You will master Vlookup function
You will learn how to correct the errors that most commonly arise when creating lookup formulas
You will learn how to add data validation to make your lookup projects


  • Access to Excel 2010 or later
  • Basic Excel skills

Target Audience

  • Students and Professionals.
  • Excel user who is looking to enhance their knowledge of Excel and learn lookup concepts.


11 Lessons3h 30m

Finding the Return Value

Finding the Return Value00:05:15

VLOOKUP Function on Employee ID

Creating Values

Combining Multiple Tables

Example on Attorneys

Example on Client Details

Updating the Result

Continuing Adding Fields

Common Problems

How to Check Formulas


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