Principles of Financial Accounting

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About This Course

Financial Accounting is a crucial subject that converts all financial events in a business into figures that managers and other users can use to report, analyze, and make decisions that help them read a company’s financial position and forecast future results. This course covers accounting fundamentals, which includes the study of internal financial details that can influence decision-making. The course was created to be a perfect complement to those studying Accounting at a professional level. We’ll walk you through the theory and show you some examples. The flow of inventory costs will be discussed, as well as the tracking of raw material-related costs, which will flow to work in process and factory overhead, finished products, and finally expensed in the form of cost of goods sold in a process cost system. This course is designed to introduce students to current cost accounting theories and practices in order for them to be able to use accounting data in business planning and management. When reporting cost data, these concepts are critical in helping students develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. The goal is to develop students who are enthusiastic about accounting and capable of working in the business world as accountants. These topics will not only save your time, but will also provide you with a fruitful and productive learning experience through the use of audio-visual presentation techniques.

Learning Objectives

You will understand the methods of depreciation in financial accounting.
You will learn the method of accelerated depreciation which is generally used for accounting
You will learn the method of calculating the cost of a product or enterprise.

Material Includes

  • 9 on demand videos
  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion


  • No prior accounting knowledge is necessary to learn this course.
  • Basic fundamentals of Mathematics will help.

Target Audience

  • Finance students, managers, accountants or anyone who wants to upgrade their skill in the area of accounting.
  • Learn this course if you want to understand the principles and concept of costing.


9 Lessons1h 10m



Depreciation and Amortization

Methods of Depreciation

Income and Cash Flow Statement


Accelerated Depreciation




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Material Includes

  • 9 on demand videos
  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion

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