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Bundle Description

            Learners in EDUOLC’s video-based Finance Analyst Bundle create their own financial models in Excel from the ground up, making it incredibly realistic and hands-on. To help you advance your career, we teach business best practices. Our self-study financial modeling courses go beyond the textbook to teach you practical skills you can apply right away in interviews and on the job. The objective of this online Finance Analyst Bundle is to impart the requisite skills and subject knowledge to the participants about income statement analysis. The objective of this online financial budgeting course is to impart the requisite skills and subject knowledge to the participants about budgeting and forecasting.

Bundle Features

Double Entry Bookkeeping

This course will teach how an investor, or someone else, can interpret, comprehend, and analyze financial statements and ratio analysis to assess a company’s financial health. This will aid in finding good stocks for long-term investing while also warning investors to stay away from underperforming businesses or to exclude volatile securities from their portfolio. To clarify the contents, real-life financial statements from a working business were used instead of fictional scenarios.

Course Duration : 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Income Statement Analysis

Income statement research is an area of research that examines publicly accessible facts contained on financial records to assess a company’s financial health. We may use income statement analysis to assess a company’s efficiency and calculate various profitability metrics. While income statement analysis is commonly associated with accounting and finance, other business experts, such as managers and economists, need this skill set as well. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to master a new talent that you don’t comprehend. This course is tailored especially for non-experts with no previous accounting knowledge.

Course Duration : 3 Hour 45 Minutes

DuPont Analysis

The Dupont analysis, also known as the Dupont formula, is a financial ratio that is dependent on the return on equity ratio that is used to assess a company’s ability to maximize its return on equity. In other words, this model deconstructs the return on equity ratio to illustrate how firms can boost shareholder returns. Accounting Analytics investigates the relationship between financial reporting results and non-financial indicators and financial results. You’ll learn how to use data to determine what affects financial results and predict future financial scenarios in this course.


Course Duration : 3 Hours

Course Reviews

Graham Lindley
Graham Lindley
Read More
Very well for beginners or those with a limited understanding of the subject, but some of the topics and words would need a Google search to fully comprehend their meaning. Regardless, it was a fantastic experience, and the material was very useful.
Haydar Mahdi
Haydar Mahdi
Read More
Fantastic course of real-world case studies, a program that has been skimmed and trimmed to satisfy all viewers, and that provides the exact detail needed in a straightforward manner.
David Marshall
David Marshall
Read More
So far, the course and materials have been interesting. It's become a little fast-paced with the inclusion of subjects that need more in-depth knowledge, but it continues to cover the essential principles required to be a successful finance student.
Michaela McCabe
Michaela McCabe
Read More
Despite my lack of accounting knowledge, I would recommend this course to someone interested in learning more about finance and accounting.

Certificate of Completion

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Course Highlights

In this topic we will discuss expenses and income where your business’s revenue is the money it brings in, and the losses are the money it loses. Your sales, or all of the money coming into your company, minus all of your expenditures, is your net profits.

In this section we will see the concept of a going concern is an implicit presumption in the preparing of financial statements; as a result, it is concluded that the company has neither the purpose nor the need to liquidate or scale down its activities materially.

In this topic we will note that any financial activity has an effect on a company’s assets, according to double-entry bookkeeping.

In this section we will learn financial statements are published accounts that describe a company’s operations and financial performance. Government bodies, accountants, and companies also inspect financial records.

In this section we will see income statement analysis is used to measure financial ratios that can be used to equate one business to another or to the same company year after year.

In this topic we will learn profit and loss (P&L) statement is a financial statement that summarizes sales, expenditures, and expenses over a certain time span, normally a fiscal quarter or year.

In this section we will learn CAGR which stands for compound annual growth rate, which is the rate of return needed for an investment to rise from its initial balance to its final balance.

In this topic we will see a financial ratio, also known as an accounting ratio, is the magnitude of two numerical values derived from a company’s financial statements.

In this section you will see DuPont is used to assess the various components of a company’s return on equity (ROE). This enables an investor to identify which financial practices are most responsible for improvements in ROE.

In this topic you will learn accounts payable turnover ratio is a short-term liquidity indicator that quantifies how quickly a business pays its vendors.

In this topic we will see that days payable unpaid is a productivity ratio that calculates how long it takes a business to pay its vendors on average.

Career Benefits of this Bundle

You will learn financial activity and double entries of bookkeeping.
You will learn financial statements that determine a company's operations.
You will learn the concept of going concern of a company.
You will learn CAGR which stands for compound annual growth rate.
You will learn that income statement analysis is used to measure financial ratios.
You will learn to calculate the total assets and also understand net assets.
You will see DuPont is used to assess the various components of a company's return on equity.
You will learn the cash conversion cycle.
You will learn the concept of accounts payable turnover.


This course will help you to pursue a career in the Finance domain. It is one of the most demanded professional roles and there are lots of opportunities in this field. It helps to enhance your skills in finance and accounting.

Anyone who has a passion to be a finance analyst can take up this course as it requires only basic knowledge of finance. It is more useful for professionals and students who are from finance background as it helps them to advance in their career.

The Instructors for this online training are industry-based professionals who possess experience in Corporate Budgeting, Planning, and forecasting. Participants will be given access to online material. This can be accessed all time by those who have enrolled in the course.

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