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IT Interview & Training

Introduction to IT Interview & Training

IT interview is the process to get a job in any organization, for which we have to be very well prepared because in IT we have to go through various rounds of interviews in order to get the job. We should be very well prepared for the interview before going for it’s not only based on our technical skills rather they try to test all the skills by a different round of interviews.

What is IT Interview?

To get prepare for the IT interview we should be very strong in technical skills, also after applying to any organization make sure that you have gone through their history. We should read the job description first very carefully then only we can decide on which part of our skills we have to work in order to get the job. 

Different rounds for Interview

In IT we have several different rounds of interview, it can depend on the company or the level of experience one person have. If we talk about Freshers then there may be some changes in the interview process but this is not the same case that happens every time. Below are some rounds od interview that happens which are as follow;

1) Logical/Analytic Test: Some companies prefer to have aptitude tests and reasoning tests to go ahead. They conduct this because they have a number of applications and it became difficult for them to choose the best among all these. To get prepare for this round of interview we have several websites which provide practice test. Some of them are as follow:




d) etc

You can have a look at these sites in order to get prepared for both logical and analytic tests.

2) General Discussion: Many companies prefer to have general group discussions among the candidate. These rounds of the interview can be done in any order it not always necessary. In this round of interviews, they will ask us to speak or share our thoughts on some particular topic. This round is basically designed to test our soft skills and many more factors like how we think.  

3) Machine Test: This round of interview is very important and nowadays almost every company want their candidate to go through it. Majorly this machine test is generally designed to test our technical skills. In this particular round of interviews, they ask us to solve the technical questions by writing a piece of code in any language we prefer. They just really want to test our thinking and problem-solving skills in this round. To get prepare for this we need a very good and strong understanding of data structures and algorithms, also the solution we provide must be accurate and should be passed against the test cases.

For the machine test, the company may call the candidate at their premises or they can send the online test link for this. Nowadays companies prefer to have an online test before going ahead. To get prepare for this we may require 5 to 6 months of time depending upon how fast we learn and solve the problems. You can follow the below links to get prepare for the machine test or online test;

a) Hackerrank

b) HackerEarth

c) cordiality

d) etc

In order to get prepare for the data structures, we can buy courses from Udemy for any other platformer. 

4) Technical Interview (Panel round): This is an in-person interview, where a single person or group of people take the discussion for the interview. There may more than one technical round of interviews it depends upon the company interview process.

5) Managerial Round: In this round, we may have a discussion with the manager, where he/she will tell or brief us about the protection and their way of working. It is a normal discussion to understand the work culture.

We should do one more thing in order to get prepare for the It interview during this training:

  1. Create a trial account in hacker rank and try to solve the questions provided by them
  2. They will come up with so many problem-solving questions starting from easy to hard.
  3. Questions based on the stack, array, HashMap, binary search, tree, and so on.
  4. Based on our score they have a scoreboard where they show the result and rank.

Key Fundamentals

While preparing for any IT interview we have to be strong in the data structures and algorithms writing, some of the fundamentals which we should write from scratch to understand their implementation. Also, it will help us to increase our problem-solving skills and will help us to think in a better way;

a) Queue

b) Array

c) Graph

d) Stack

e) Trees

f) Hash table

g) Linked list

h) Heap

Their implementation is very difficult but these data structures provide and support us to handle the data in our application if this is efficient then the performance of the application will increase.

Basic program implementation of the program that we should be aware of:

  1. Sorting of array
  2. How to map internally works.
  3.  How to reverse a string?
  4. Fibonacci series
  5. write a program to find out prime numbers.
  6. write a program to find out the repetitive substring inside the string in any programming language.


1) If prepare well it will help us to get the better option.

2) While preparing for IT Interview we undergo a process that helps us to develop our logic and thinking.

3) It will increase our chance s of being select from a number of other candidates


1) There are no cons for interview training.

Summary – IT Interview & Training

  • In IT we have several different rounds of interview, it can depend on the company or the level of experience one person have.
  • We can prepare for the interview by reading the various article on the internet, prepare and build our logic by taking courses from online classes, etc. 
  • In order to be very sure we need to invest our time, and more and more focus on technical skills not only theoretically but we should have hands-on practice on our skills.
  • To get prepare for this we need a very good and strong understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • To evaluate your abilities, companies will perform several rounds of an interview that differs from business to business, the maximum of which will conduct an online test to validate rational problem-solving skills.

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