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What is Java


What is Java -Introduction

Java is popularly known as the object-oriented programming language, it was released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. One of the main benefits of using java is platform independent with many more features. It develops several application which is used in cell phones, laptops, gaming, supercomputers, etc. It provides so many benefits such as it is highly secure and multithreaded which makes it better use for banking application which demands higher security rates.

Short Explanation – Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language, where everything is evolving around class and object. We can write java code once and run it anywhere this makes it platform-independent, Java provides so many inbuilt libraries which makes the code optimize and save the time of developers. Java can be integrated with a lot more other technologies like Hadoop, spring, J2ee etc. Java is one of the mostly used object-oriented programming language, also used for computing program.

Functions – Java

Java provides us with several inbuilt functions which can be used while programming it reduces the line of code make it optimize, easy to read and maintain. It contains thousands of function which are as follows:

1) Functions related to String:

The string is used to representing the sequence of character, provide multiple functions which can use with it;

a) length(): This function returns the length of the string.

b) substring(): Used to get the substring from the string.

c) contains(): Used to check the sequence, return Boolean true or false.

d) isEmpty(): Used to check the string is empty or not.

e) replace(): Replace the string with the specified character.

f) Concat():  Used to concat two string.

2) Functions used with Integer:

Integer class is also wrapper class which take an int as the value, following function supported by Integer class;

a) compare(): This method is used to compare two int values.

b) decode(): Used to decode string to int value.

c) equals(): Used to compare the value of the object and return Boolean True or False.

d) intValue(): Most properly used method used to get the int value of the object.

e) max(): used to get the maximum value from the passing parameter.

f) min(): used to get the minimum value from the passing parameter.

g) sum(): used to get the sum of int values.

3) Functions of Bigdecimal:

This class handles big and very small floating number very well, and provide several methods which are as follows:

a) doubleValue(): It converts Bigdecimal to double.

b) floatValue(): It converts Bigdecimal to float.

c) intValue(): It converts Bigdecimal to int.

d) multiply(): Used to multiply two variable.

e) plus() : used to add two variable.

f) toBigInteger() : It converts Bigdecimal to BigInteger.

g) valueOf() :used to converts double to Bigdecimal.

Java Examples

1) In this example we are comparing two string object. The main () method is the heart of java program from where the execution of the program starts.


class Main {  

  public static void main(String args[]) { 

    System.out.println(“Demo to create different type in java!”); 

    String mystr1 = “Hello All !!”;

    String mystr2 = “Hello All !!”;

    String mystr3 = “Hello All I am different!!”;


        System.out.println(“Both are equal”);



        System.out.println(“Both are equal”);



        System.out.println(“Not equal”);





What is java- examples

2) In this example we are handling integer. 


class Main {  

  public static void main(String args[]) { 

    System.out.println(“Demo to create different type in java!”); 

        Integer num1 = 200;

        Integer num2 = 300;

        System.out.println(“integer one is ::” + num1);

        System.out.println(“integer one is ::” + num2);




example we are handling integer

How it makes working easy

As we already know that it is an object-oriented programming language which comes up with various OOPS concept which helps us in follows ways:

  1. Inheritance: By the use of inheritance we can make use of existing code and functionality, it reduces the repetitive code as well.
  2. Abstraction: Abstraction provides a layer by which our services is hidden from the user. They just know how to use them but no idea about how it internally works, so it made security for us.
  3. We can integrate this with other technologies such as spring, Hadoop etc. Spring is mainly coming up with a lot less configuration in its new release.
  4. Java provides us collection framework to handle a large amount of data and process them fast.
  5. Java 8 comes up with a lot more new features which increase the performance.

What it is used for?

Java provides so many features which makes it to use in so many different domains such as :

1) Stock Market: Java comes up with collection support which makes operations easy and fast for us. We can write algorithms which will help us in decide in which company user should invest.

2) Android: As we all know that on every phone we are using android which is mostly use Java. the created application uses Java API for data for they fully written in java only.

3) Banking: Java provide high support for multithreading and it is very secure, thus makes it a great choice for banking domain where we need to handle the transaction.

4) Research Community: If we want to deal with the huge amount of data we can again choose java for its higher library support.

5) Financial: Here it is used as the server-side application.

6) It helps us to create enterprise applications.

7) Used to create a desktop application, web application, standalone application etc.

8) Also used in big data analytics.

Pros – What is Java

It provides us with many features which makes several advantages in a different area of application development which is mentioned as follows:

1) Platform independent

2) Secure

3) Scalable

4) multithreading

5) Distributed

6) Robust

Cons -What is Java

As such, there are no cons to use Java but still, we have some points;

1) Java programming language is very heavy.

2) Not easy to maintain

3) Require experienced resource

4) Several rules and standers are defined to use it, it is strictly typed language.

Career Scope -What is Java

It has wide scope in a career still in 2021 it is among the top use languages in the world because of its wide range of support to integrate with other technology as well. Also, it is very scalable and secure which makes it a good option for banking domain, several banking application written on java. Also, it provides good support to integrate with the cloud as well.


  • As java is an object-oriented programming language which makes our application-independent and loosely coupled. 
  • We can create various type of applications using Java programming language such as desktop-based, web application, enterprise etc.
  • Java has steadily gained commercial success and is currently among the most widely used languages for applications.
  • Java is an independent platform where code can be compiled and rendered to run on the very same or any other system software or operating system.
  • It develops several application which is used in cell phones, laptops, gaming, supercomputers, etc. 
  • It provides so many benefits such as it is highly secure and multithreaded.

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