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About This Course

C is one of the most common web development languages, and it’s a great place to start if you’ve ever thought about learning to code. This course is intended for full beginners and will show you the basics of programming, which will make mastering any other programming language far simpler. The need for programmers is stronger than ever, and now is the perfect time to get started. This course will help you develop your basic knowledge of the C programming language. It incorporates many components of C programming that you may find in daily programming problems using a real-world approach. This course will solidify your knowledge of C and provide you with the extra boost you need to ace every significant interview or exam. You’ll build dynamic programs and explore a range of advanced C++ features during this in-depth look at C++. You’ll develop your C++ skills to the point that you’ll be eligible for a range of lucrative C++ employment. Given the amount of open source code accessible on the internet, C is one of the oldest programming languages and one of the most rapidly developing. Because of its success as a commonly used language, it’s a great medium for communicating basic coding principles in a simple and understandable manner. It’s not only a strong language; it can also help you communicate better with a team and collaborate on projects, making it a versatile asset for any programmer.

Skills You Will Master: 

  • Parameterized Function – In this section we will learn parameterized function and we’ll also see the purpose of parameters is to allow passing arguments to the function from the location where it is called from.
  • Return Value Function – In this topic we will learn the return value is the same value returned by a function and if the return expression is used, the function’s return value is copied back to the caller.
  • What is an Array? – In this section we will learn an array is a set of elements of the same form that are located in contiguous memory locations and can be retrieved individually using a specific identifier’s index. Without having to declare five separate variables, an array of five int values may be declared.
  • Concept of Pointers – In this section we will see a variable that contains the address of another variable is referred to as a pointer. Pointers, like normal variables, have a data type.
  • Reference Variable – In this section we will learn when a reference has been initialized with a variable, the variable may be referred to by either the variable name or the reference name.
  • WhileLoop Operator – In this topic we will see the condition is analyzed in a while loop. The code within the while loop is executed if the condition evaluates to true. The loop stops when the condition evaluates to false.


Learning Objectives

You will learn parameterized function and the purpose of parameters.
You will learn the techniques and theories of C++.
You will be able to use the advanced components of the C++ language.

Material Includes

  • 14 on demand videos
  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion


  • No prior coding knowledge is necessary to learn this course. The course is intended for beginners.
  • Any computer with windows or macOS will work.
  • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS would be an additional benefit.

Target Audience

  • This course is for anyone who is interested in learning a new feature in programming language.
  • Learn this course if you know Javascript and looking for an advanced course.
  • Take this course if you want to learn functions and operators in C++.


13 Lessons1h 25m

While Loop Operator

While Loop Operator00:04:50

Decrement Operator

For Loop Program

Do While Loop

Do While Switch Case

Do While Switch Case Selection

What is Function ?

Paramerirized Function

Return Value Function

What is an Array?

Declaration of Array

Concept of Pointers


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Material Includes

  • 14 on demand videos
  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion

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