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About This Course

Without a question, Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used applications on the globe. And it’s not without cause. Excel is so versatile that it can be used in nearly any case. There’s a lot that goes into it, from counting statistics to calculating astronomical data to sending satellites into orbit. Project managers, too, use Microsoft Excel for a number of calculations, including framed structure analysis. The Vlookup function is used to fetch a value from a lookup table list by looking up a value with a reference cell. It’s a very useful and well-known Excel function. We may use a table or a single column to find the value. The whole lookup can be done in a vertical area or with only columns. VLOOKUP is a one-of-a-kind search engine. The VLOOKUP parameters are initially perplexing. This course would help you understand the formula as well as the criteria by including simple interpretations and data sets. This course covers the lookup functions in Excel, including (but not limited to) the ever-popular VLOOKUP, my personal favorite, INDEX-MATCH, and the latest XLOOKUP tool. It will not only give you a solid foundation in lookup functions, but it will also encourage you to consider and improve nested and two-dimensional lookup functions, vastly expanding your Excel capability. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to perform two-dimensional lookups, create nested lookup functions, use data validation in your lookup projects, and correct common errors, among other stuff.

Skills You Will Master: 

  • What is VLOOKUP Function? – In this section we will first learn that VLOOKUP is an abbreviation for ‘Vertical Lookup.’ It’s a feature that allows Excel to look for a specific value in a column in order to return a value from another column in the same row.
  • Examples of VLOOKUP Function – In this topic we will the various examples illustrated for using Vlookup function which makes excel search for a value or data.
  • Applying VLOOKUP Formula – In this section we will see how excel searches for the required data with the help of Vlookup formula in order to return a value from a different column.
  • VLOOKUP with LOOKUP ID – In this section we will see this is one of the best Vlookup exercises, it is the unique ID of the employee in the database..

Learning Objectives

You will master Vlookup function
You will learn how to correct the errors that most commonly arise when creating lookup formulas
You will learn how to add data validation to make your lookup projects


  • Access to Excel 2010 or later
  • Basic Excel skills

Target Audience

  • Students and Professionals.
  • Excel user who is looking to enhance their knowledge of Excel and learn lookup concepts.


12 Lessons1h



What is VLOOKUP Function

Technical Details

Argument Name & Description

How to Start VLOOKUP Function

Example of VLOOKUP Function

Applying VLOOKUP Formula

ID Value for VLOOKUP Value

Verifying the Entry


Formatting the Date

Preparing a Table

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